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A 2D Top-Down Action Roguelike Game

The Game


Shepherd Slaughter is a top-down action RPG roguelike developed for Windows/Linux. Explore a fully procedurally generated pixel world, collect items, increase your abilities and battle over 70 different enemies. You’ll explore the depths of cave systems, hack your way through dungeons full of unique features and do battle with bosses on your journey to the evil demon god’s fortress.



Shepherd Slaughter is a massive pixel RPG full of a interesting encounters and uniquely approached features.

  • Fully procedurally generated island to explore.
  • Over 70 unique monsters and creatures to encounter, fight and interact with.
  • Tons of magical artifacts, armor, weapons and other items to collect throughout your journeys.
  • Ten unique key locations to conquer as well as ten deep dungeons full of monsters, traps and treasure!
  • Character stats that are increased through use, so your character will advanced based on your play style.
  • A massive evil fortress that you must defeat, full of trials and a huge final boss fight to save the island!
Current Status

Released for Windows/Linux


Shepherd Slaughter has been released and is available to download. There is also a free demo!




Explore a massive island with forests, swamps, mountains, beaches, caves and fields. Because the entire island is procedurally generated every game, each world will be unique from the island’s terrain to where special treasures can be found to every passage of every dungeon. Will you find the Crazy Miner’s magical gold ring? Or will you have to do battle with the zombie king and his horde?



Shepherd Slaughter’s creatures all have unique characteristics and behaviors. Whether you’re in the ghost village doing battle with invisible phantoms, learning how to defeat the sand worms in the depths of the desert dungeon or dodging the leprechaun king’s magic gold grabbing hands – you’ll be forced to adapt and learn how to defeat each enemy you encounter.