Blindhack | About Us
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About Us

We’re a team of driven individuals working as one to create.


We like making new things, perfecting our craft, working into the night, learning more than we need to, valuing art over money, people working together, giving everyone a chance to grow, combining technology and design to create something alive.




Max Becker / Co-Founder

Max is the never-tiring fearless co-founder. Starting his programming career at the age of 12, Max has since developed an impressive range of skills including film editing, animation, graphic design and web development. Whether he is acting as the connecting force amongst the team, interfacing from artist to programmer to client, vigorously marketing around the clock for a release or locked in a dark room working for hours on end – Max’s insane desire for continual perfection in Blindhack’s work acts as the company backbone.


Paul Becker / Co- Founder

Co-founder and resident code wizard. Paul hand wrote the entire source code of an adventure game when he was 9. NINE. Between solving the Collatz Conjecture and meditatively drinking tea, he immerses himself in code – building reliable, portable and beautifully programmed applications. His unparalleled dedication, passion and natural approach to programming act as a driving force in our development process.