Blindhack | Blindhack Software
We like making new things, perfecting our craft, working into the night, learning more than we need to, valuing art over money, people working together, giving everyone a chance to grow, combining technology and design to create something alive.
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We design and develop kickass original and contracted games. From procedurally generated pixel RPGs to 3D third-person action survival shooters to addicting 2D apps, we make it all.


Design and code skills mixed to perfection. HTML5, PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Javascript, WordPress, Joomla. Need a fully customized game or web server? We prefer it that way. You name it we design it, code it and deliver it.


We develop and launch cross-platform apps for iOS/Android. Taking your idea and needs from design to release, we make use of slick UI design and rock solid code. We'll do what it takes to make your app a reality.


Like it or not, your brand most likely needs an update. Whether it's totally ripping apart your brand for a full redesign or evolving your current image - we will breath new life into your company.